"You Get What You Pay For" When It Comes To Real Estate Signs

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"You get what you pay for." I’m sure all of you have heard this a time or two throughout your lives. 

E-commerce companies, such as Amazon, have completely changed the dynamics of how we shop.  They have also forced companies to become more competitive to the point where gimmicks such as deep discounts and free shipping are the standard. Consumers are becoming accustomed to always looking for, and expecting, a deal. Don’t get me wrong, there are great deals out there, but, the best deal does not always mean the “cheapest” option.

This holds true when purchasing real estate yard signs. Finding “cheaper” real estate signs does not always mean you win.

You may be wondering, “How are some real estate signage companies able to offer “cheaper” signs than their competitors?” I’ll highlight two common scenarios below:

- The company is knowingly losing money on the order. They try to “buy” the business in order to take it away from the competition. Obviously, this is a risky move.  Making profit is essential to     running a healthy business. I’ve never understood this method, but trust me, it does happen.

The most important point I want to concentrate on:

-Companies use cheap, low quality materials, procedures, and equipment to manufacture their signs.

Real estate signs are an investment. When you invest money into your 401K, you’re looking for max ROI. You can have the same mindset when purchasing your signage. 

When you choose “cheap” signs, you are getting just that…”cheap” signs. The quality is poor. The product lifespan is often less than a year. The ROI is terrible because they don’t last, so you have to buy more often, which costs you a heck of a lot more money in the long run. 

Please don’t make this mistake. Spend a few extra bucks and upgrade to signage that is made of quality, long lasting materials. Your product’s lifespan will be much longer and you will have to buy less often. Lowen Sign Company even offers warranties on certain products. It is the smart investment that will save you money.     

I’ve put together a few tips to help you with your next real estate signage purchase:

-Choose a signage company that has been around for a while 

-Ask about warranties

-Ask about product lifespans

-Choose a substrate that is ideal for your region. (Example: If you’re on the coast, you will want an aluminum material to hold up to the salty air.)

-Make sure your printed panels are protected with clear coating

-Make sure your frames and posts are powder coated for extra durability

Real estate signs play such an important role to your marketing and branding efforts. Don’t send the wrong message about your brand by having a “cheap”, dilapidated sign in front of your listings. Like many other markets, real estate has become extremely competitive.  Differentiate yourself by “looking the part” with quality marketing products. 

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