Marketing Luxury Listings with Real Estate Signs

By:  - Marketing Communications Coordinator

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When listing luxury homes, you may want to consider using real estate signage that is designed to portray elegance and prestige.  Below, we’ve listed a few products and ideas that will help you stand out and attract the proper clientele for this specialized market.  

Sign Type

-When it comes to real estate signage, there are several different styles to choose from. For luxury listings we suggest using a Hanging Panel with an Aluminum Post. These posts hang 4 feet off the ground and create a very impressive and professional look.  

-If you have a property with a lot of acreage- we suggest using a Paramount Frame which holds a 36”x36” panel.

CLICK HERE to see what panel material is best for your location.

Panel Design

Colors – Black, silver and gold are popular choices when going after affluent clientele.

Font – Elegant, cursive writing creates an exclusive appearance. There are many fonts to choose from, just make sure they are legible from the road.

Custom designed panels- To really make a listing stand out, custom design a panel unique for that particular listing.  Another example would be to change your logo to make it appear more elegant.

Custom riders-Help highlight the unique features of the listing.

Cut-to-shape- Add extra flair and draw attention by going beyond square panels.  

Another great way to market your listing is to use Feather Flags. Feather flags are a bold way to show off a property. Imagine coming down a long driveway with 10 or more feather flags lining the way. This is a simple way to give your clients a grand entrance to their dream home.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

1) Keep your yard signage consistent with your branding. Cohesive messaging across your online, social media, print and signage should be consistent. This is best practice so you are easily identified with your brand. We also suggest using a high-resolution, professional photo across all your marketing. Studies show facial recognition can help you with buyers and sellers.

2) Use high end materials. Corrugated plastic, for example, is a low cost material designed for temporary use.  It would not be a wise choice when trying to promote a high end listing. There are many affordable sign materials to choose from that look much more professional.