Elevate Your FOR RENT Yard Signs

By:  - Marketing Communications Coordinator

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Yard signs are a very important tool for landlords and property managers. Traditionally, For Rent signs have been very basic, with minimal color options and designs. Below, we offer a few tips on how to increase the visibility of your rentals by utilizing different yard sign styles and options. 


1. Design

The most important message on your signs is FOR RENT, but the message doesn’t have to stop there. Today’s technology allows you to get really creative with your yard signage.

–Choose eye catching colors

-Choose fonts that are legible from the road and a larger font size for the most important information.

-Reflective panels are great for low light and inclement weather.

-If your brokerage offers Property Management services, signs can be designed to match or compliment your existing brand.


2. Utilize Directional Signs

Directional signs are a great way to attract attention to your rental units. They can be placed on corners to drive more traffic to your unit or used in addition to your yard signs. Directional signs are slightly smaller than traditional yard signs and are perfect for directing traffic. A few examples would be:

-Tent units / A Frame

-T-stake units

-Cut-to-shape directional signs


3. Say It with a Rider

Sign Riders are a great way to tell the full story of your rental property. A few examples would be:

-Utilities Included

-Pet Friendly

-Month to Month Contracts

-School Districts



According to the latest Census, 36.6% of Americans rent their homes.

HUD says there are 48.5 million rental units in the United States and of those, 43.9 million are occupied.