5 Awesome Aluminum Sign Post Features

By:  - Marketing Communications Coordinator

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Make a statement with an Aluminum Sign Post from Lowen Sign Company. For years the only option available on the market were wooden posts that ended up rotting, warping and peeling. We heard your comments and feedback and created a durable, yet light-weight Aluminum Post. These posts are perfect for any listing but are especially popular for luxury listings because of the high-end quality. Read below for 5 awesome Aluminum Sign Post features.


1. Powder Coat

     Our Aluminum Posts are powder coated for weather-resistant durability and it provides a glossy finish.

2. Ground Anchor

     The heavy-duty steel ground anchor allows for easier installation and prevents you from digging a large hole. The Aluminum Post slips easily over the anchor. All hardware is included.

3. Rider Clips

     Allows you to easily install and change riders. The molded plastic rider clip is a ¼” zinc plated steel thumb screw and nut. All hardware is included.

4. Stainless Steel Clips

     These 3/16”h x 2”w stainless steel clip secures your panel to the post arm. Also used to secure riders to the bottom of the hanging panel.

5. Color Options

     Choose between white or black posts for independent franchises. Century 21 agents may select black or gold. Coldwell Banker agents may select white or blue.

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