The Value of Security

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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Value Added
Home security systems make the homeowner safer. It is an added layer of protection for valuables and occupants of the home. A message rider on your real estate yard sign is an easy way to point out that a home has a security system to potential buyers.

Reassure buyers that the security system does not indicate an unsafe neighborhood. Find out if other homes in the area have a security system. A neighborhood that has an abundance of security is less likely to be a target of theft. Thieves will simply find an easier area to target.

Arming and Disarming
You may need to show potential buyers a home while the current owners are away. Most people will trust a real estate agent to do so. Many sellers may disarm their security while the home is on the market. For those who require the security system to stay active, ask if there is an option for you to use a guest password to enter the home. Most security companies allow this.

If the system is professionally installed it is likely monitored by a security company. Inform buyers of any monthly fee the same way you would inform them of HOA fees. Often the buyer will be eligible for discounts on their homeowner’s insurance. In some regions they could get as much as a 20% discount off monthly premiums.

Remember that a security system can be a benefit to home buyers. Placing “Security System Included” on your real estate sign riders can raise interest in a home and make the property stand out. Lowen now has next day shipping on message, agent, and photo riders. Find them by clicking here or calling 800-545-5505.