Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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If you are an agent for an established real estate franchise, you understand there are numerous benefits. One of these is professionally designed real estate yard signs. By using an approved sign supplier, like Lowen Sign Company, you know your signs will meet franchise standards and look great. But so will every other agent’s in your franchise. How can you stand out from the crowd?

While it is true that signs for franchises (for example Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, etc.) have been designed for you, there are still many options. Use these suggestions to help your yard signs reflect your personal brand.

  • Try a different sign frame.
    Have you been using the angle iron frame stand by? Many of your fellow agents are. Try a Premier Post or a classic round rod sign frame for a change. Premier Posts add extra style to any sign panel and listing. A classic round rod sign frame is a unique shape with durability you can trust.

  • Set yourself apart with sign riders.
    Many real estate agents are adding a personal touch with humor. Try a rider that says “Honey stop the car!” or for an older home try “Not Haunted”. You can also use a rider to emphasize you. Agent riders with your name in bold or your photo can differentiate you from other agents within the same franchise.

  • Try other products in addition to a yard sign.
    There is often a variety of franchise approved signage available. Feather flags really draw attention. They display a custom message in vibrant color. Easy installation with a sturdy ground anchor makes this a simple choice.

You can find all of these unique products at Lowen Sign Company. View all our real estate signage by clicking here. To order a customizable sign product or to learn more call one of our expert customer service representatives at 800-545-5505.