5 Uses for Sign Riders

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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Real estate sign riders are a great way to customize a sign. Keep your sign panels the same for all your listings and use riders to personalize your message. Try some of these suggestions next time you order sign riders.


  1. Phone number rider
    Contact Information

    This is a very popular use for riders. Add a specific web address, additional phone number, or social media page using a rider.

  2. Number of Bedrooms Rider
    Is one of your listings a spacious home that looks small from the curb? Have riders on hand for three, four or even more bedrooms. Buyers may give the home a second look with the assurance that they will have room to spread out.

  3. Smiley Face Sold Rider
    Sold/For Sale

    This may be the most common use for riders. Simply mark the property as SOLD or still on the market. Find the Smiley Sold Rider by clicking here.

  4. Agent Photo Rider
    Agent Photo Rider
    Does your sign panel design lack space for your photo? Add your personal brand with an agent photo rider featuring your name and picture. Buyers will be able to recognize you before your first meeting.

  5. Pool Rider
    Special Features

    Riders can be used to call out special perks available at your listing. Use messages such as Pool, Newly Remodeled, Fully Furnished, and more to entice buyers.


You can put any message on your real estate sign riders from Lowen Sign Company. Start browsing by clicking here. Or call our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at 800-545-5505.