Is Your Personal Brand Recognizable?

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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Is your personal brand as strong as it can be? Real estate agents are their own brand. Who you are and how people remember you directly effects your success. Make sure your personal brand is easily recognized and remembered in a positive way.

Be consistent
Do your marketing materials have a cohesive look to them? Your business cards, real estate signs, social media pages, online listings, and letterhead should all work together. Try using the same photo for business cards, on yard signs and as a social media profile picture. Using the same colors and fonts will also make you more recognizable to buyers.

Be visible
If you are not yet on social media, sign up today! Engage your potential customers where they are already communicating. Establish your personal brand as a knowledgeable real estate professional. Followers will remember you when they consider purchasing a new home. Place your yard signs prominently in front of all your listings. Once buyers learn to recognize your brand, they will notice your signs more than other agents.

Be engaging
Your audience expects to be entertained. Post useful information on social media pages as well as home listings. Advice for new buyers or information about home loans keep your followers around long enough to see the homes on offer. Online listings that have a video tour or even a vivid description of the home and neighborhood will engage potential buyer's interest better than your competitors.

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