Size Matters

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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A real estate yard sign is a necessity for each of your listings. Are your signs making the biggest impact possible? Think about size, design and placement when purchasing your new signs.

Size is very important when ordering signs. Many residential areas have limitations on sign size. Know the rules for each neighborhood before you order. Next, think of the traffic in the area. Is the speed limit higher than the normal 30 miles per hour? Signs next to a busy or fast street need to be a little larger to allow drivers to receive your message.

Size is not only important to the physical shape of your sign unit. Size effects the sign panel design as well. The size of letters needs to be a few inches tall so that your sign can be read from the road. You should choose high-contrast colors. White text on a red background or black text on a yellow background are excellent choices. QR codes won’t be very effective at any size unless interested buyers can easily approach the sign. Scanning from a moving vehicle will be difficult so place these signs in low traffic neighborhoods.

Speaking of placement, once your signs arrive it is important to place them in the optimal viewing location. Place signs at slight angle to the road. This will allow drivers to view the sign from the farthest distance until right before they drive past. If the yard is very large, be careful not to place the sign too far from the road. Your sign may go unnoticed. If your sign also has a brochure box it needs to be close to the street as well. Make sure there are no low flowerbeds or other landscaping between the sign and potential buyers. They will be uncomfortable trekking over plant life to get to your brochures!

Of course there is no trekking required to order custom, high-quality yard signs from Lowen Sign Company. Visit our website at to view all our products. To place an order or ask a question, call our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at 800-545-5505.