Why We Love Yard Signs! (and You Should Too)

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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Yard Signs Mark the Spot
When a home or other property is for sale you want everyone to know it. The real estate yard sign is the best signal that a home is up for grabs.

Yard Signs Support Your Brand
They make a great first impression on buyers, sellers, and other agents. Getting your name out there with consistent branding is a vital step to making the sale. The yard sign makes you and your franchise instantly identifiable.

Yard Signs are Durable
Lowen Sign Company’s yard signs and frames are powder coated to prevent rust. Our durable materials and fade resistant ink stands up to the weather and car trunk travel. Count on our durable signs to keep your message clear.

Yard Signs Communicate Clearly
Phone number. Sold. Open House. Whatever your message is the yard sign delivers. Add sign riders to your yard sign units for a wide variety of messages.

Yard Signs Cause Action
Whether you need a buyer to pick up the phone and call or go to your online listing, the yard sign is often the first point of contact that moves buyers to action. A design with high contrast colors and a simple typeface is the best way to catch the attention of potential buyers.

What are you waiting for?
Make your own action and order custom, high-quality yard signs from Lowen Sign Company today. Visit our website at to view all our products. To place an order or ask a question, call our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at 800-545-5505.