It's in the Numbers. Yard Signs are the Best Value.

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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Finding the best way to market real estate listings is a challenge for any real estate agent. Many options exist at a variety of price points and most options work best together. Did you know one of the most cost effective marketing platforms is the yard sign?

A yard sign has the dual purpose of representing you, the agent, as well as making available listings easily identified by passersby. The impact of a high-quality yard sign is an investment that every real estate agent can afford to make. We did the math and the numbers speak for themselves. Our most common signage products, used to promote a single listing, cost only 12 cents a day!

  • 67 days is the average time a home is on the market
  • Most popular signage would cost 12 cents a day
  • $8.04 is the TOTAL cost for the duration of the average listing

These figures are based on the assumption that you will use a yard sign for two years of in-yard use. The longer a sign remains in use the lower this cost will become. Powder coated steel yard signs from Lowen are guaranteed for 3 years. One of our customers has had a steel yard sign from Lowen for 14 years! Talk about value.

Now compare 12 cents a day to other marketing costs for a listing. Online listings cost $2,300 on average on a top listing website. That's $34.32 a day. This is on top of a monthly site membership fee of over $400.

Newspaper listing costs are highly variable due to location. Our local newspaper will place a 5/12 page ad, with multiple homes, for $1,046.95 a day. A 1/10 page ad for a single home listing would cost $268.81 a day or $18,010.27 total for the life of an average listing.

Direct mail costs vary widely as well. Let's consider the cost of postage alone. An Every Door Direct Mail campaign sent throught the U.S. Postal Service will cost 17 cents per piece. If you send a mailing to just 500 prospective buyers, you'll have a cost of $88.

The difference is clear. No matter how many methods you use to market a home, professional yard signs will be the smallest part of your budget. Take advantage of the great value of yard signs and directional signs today. It's as easy as visiting or calling one of our experienced customer service representatives at 800-545-5505.

*Top selling products include sign, riders, and directional signs. Data based off of April 2016 figures, USPS postage pricing calculator (, Fit Small Business figures from May 2016 (, and Hutchinson News figures from August 2016 ( Prices may vary depending on average days listed and length of signage product use.