What are Your Buyers Seeing?

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A well maintained and up-to-date yard sign adds curb appeal to your listing, attracts a buyer’s interest and represents your personal brand. We know that as a professional you have multiple tasks to manage each day. During this juggling act it becomes easy to let the state of your yard signs slide.

Rusted and Busted Sign Panel


Is it time for you to do a yard sign checkup? Look for these common ailments that yard signs suffer from.

Rust -
If rust is a problem in your area be sure to get powder coated signs, or try rust-proof aluminum sign panels.


Bent and Dented -
Even the strongest sign panels and frames can feel the effects of bouncing around in a car trunk. Ditch the worst offenders and replace them.


Peeling and Faded -
Clear coat on panels can prevent fading and peeling of ink on panels. It can also prevent scratches. Powder coating is a more durable option than paint for frames.


Ripped out Holes -
Hanging panels, plastic signage, and even steel can suffer this ailment. When replacing hanging panels, find signs with grommets.


Outdated Information -
Do you have a new phone number or website? Eliminate confusion and update.


Outdated Photo -
Buyers should be able to recognize you. It's easier than ever to submit your photo online, giving you a great reason to update your head shot.


Missing Riders -
If your frame was built for sign riders but they have long since disappeared, now is the time to choose some new message riders.


Dirty or Defaced -
The weather and neighborhood pranksters can do a real number on a newly installed yard sign. Any sign that is hard to read, for any reason, needs to be replaced.

Now that you know the trouble spots to look for, you can replace your signs with an eye to preventing known issues in the future. Lowen Sign Company has you covered. All of our frames and steel panels have a rust resistant powder coating, all of our panels have a UV protective clear coat included at no extra cost, and hanging panels always include grommets.

For durable signs that will look their best for years to come call 880-545-5505 or click here and choose your franchise or the independent agent category to get started.