The Truth About Gimmicks

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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Purchasing real estate signs can be a real investment. That’s why finding a great deal is exciting. But, have you ever shopped for real estate signs and the deal just fell apart? Sometimes the fine print and exceptions to the rules can leave us footing a larger bill than expected. Advertising gimmicks can trick anyone, but knowing some of these common marketing tactics can help out the next time you see that “great deal” online.


Many ads feature a large discount, like 40% off yard signs! A recent ad we saw for yard signs offered 40% off all yard signs in bright colors and big letters. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, the fine print told a different story. The discount only applied to custom signs in a quantity of 4 or less. If you ordered 5 or more custom signs, the discount dropped to 10%. This is a deceptive and frustrating practice.


Check the fine print of many advertisements and you’ll see these tricks often. The discount only applies to very specific products or has a maximum amount you must spend to receive the discount. Or maybe the percentage off is for only one sign and the rest of your cart will be full price. Always check the fine print and this trick is easy to spot.


Some gimmicks are harder to spot. Remember what you paid last time you ordered to spot this trick. Before a product goes on sale, the seller will raise the price. The discount that is advertised just brings your yard signs back down to their everyday value. This is common when offering free shipping as well.


The reality with sign products is that they are large, heavy, metal signs. In order to compete, businesses have found ways to hide shipping costs. Many sellers will raise their prices to cover the cost of shipping and allow the consumer to feel that they are getting a deal. At Lowen, we want to be upfront about the true cost of shipping without hiding behind gimmicks. That is why we keep our everyday prices low, and show you the true cost of shipping.


At Lowen Sign Company, we not only make sign products worth investing in, but we never expect you to sort through fine print and deceptive marketing. Don’t let other sign companies trick you with fine print. For no gimmicks and honest pricing, call our friendly customer service representatives at 800-545-5505 or visit us at