Demand to Be Seen with Reflective

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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With the recent time change, the sun is going down when most of your potential home buyers are leaving work. Do your real estate yard signs get overlooked on their commute home, on overcast days, or in high-traffic areas? Quickly grab their attention with reflective yard signs.

Advanced printing technology and high-quality inks produce your message in vibrant colors with high visibility. But sometimes you still need something extra to push your sign over the edge. That’s where a reflective finish comes in.

When you choose a reflective sign over a standard sign, your message can be seen 24 hours a day. Headlights will bounce off of your sign at night, reflecting back the lighter colors so that your message can be seen. This catches a driver’s attention as easily as any traffic sign. A reflective yard sign is also more visible on overcast and rainy days and provides that extra needed pop when on busy streets. Greater visibility for your design means more calls from interested home buyers.

Lowen Sign Company offers a wide variety of reflective sign panels and sign riders. Choose from our wide selection of sign panels, sign riders and yard sign units by clicking here. If you have any questions about reflective signs or want to place an order call 800-545-5505 to talk to our expert customer service representatives.