5 Ways to Effectively Use Your Open House Signs

By:  - Marketing Communications Coordinator

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So your clients are ready to open their house for public showing. That’s great! But an open house isn’t successful if no one comes. That’s why the right signage is key to driving traffic to your open house.


Choose the right sign

Let’s talk about the different types of signs available. We suggest using one of the following signs for open houses:

Both the Round Rod Unit and Steel T-Stake are made of powder coated steel and are very heavy duty. This is a great option as an investment piece because they are long lasting and are durable in any climate.

The A Frame/Tent Unit comes in either steel or poly. This is a popular option because it folds flat for easy storage and transporting. The handle on top makes it very easy to carry.

Feather Flags are attention grabbing and a fun addition to home listings. They come with a fiberglass pole and a swiveling ground anchor so it can rotate in the wind.

Sign Sleeves are a newer product made of vinyl. They simply slide over the existing yard sign for a quick change up. The sleeves are light-weight and easy to carry while also very durable.

Corrugated Plastic Signs are a budget friendly option. Although these signs are more temporary than their steel counterparts, they still make a great option to draw attention to an open house.


Location, location, location

Location means everything in real estate, right down to the placement of your open house signs. Placement of signs is also dependent of which sign you choose. The Round Rod and T-Stake units do best on street corners and other locations where visibility is not limited. A Frame/Tent units work best for driveways and areas close to the listing. They sit lower to the ground, so they would not be a good option for listings with street parking or landscaping that might obscure the sign.  Feather flags are great for busy streets or listings with lots of tall landscaping. The Sign Sleeves are a great option for space saving purposes and are easily interchangeable. The Corrugated Plastic signs can be placed next to the other yard sign to grab more attention to the listing. These signs come in directional arrows so home buyers will know they have come to the right place!

Always check that your signs are visible after placing them. Most home buyers won’t stop or drive by again if they see the sign too late or if they couldn’t read it the first time around.


Create a design that works

Less is more when it comes to real estate signs. Home buyers should be able to clearly read your sign from far away and while driving down the road. For open house signs, the most important information is the day and time of the open house. No matter what type of sign you choose, make sure to use a font that is bold and legible. Not sure if your design sends the right message? Don’t worry. The graphic designers at Lowen Sign are on hand to ensure customers will be drawn to your open houses.


Drive more traffic

Our world is more connected than ever thanks to today’s technology. Website listings let home buyers virtually walk through houses and social media allows realtors to market themselves to a wider audience. But the value of visual marketing cannot be understated. Yard signs have a way of saying, “Yes! You are here! You made it!” like nothing else can. From a passersby just starting to think about buying a home to nosy neighbors, anyone can become a potential buyer.

Using arrow open house signs helps drive traffic to your listing, especially if it is in an obscure area. Arrow open house signs can be placed all around the neighborhood so you reach traffic from all different directions. It may be a little extra work, but it will be worth it in the end!


The more the merrier

Why limit yourself to only one sign option? The more attention you can bring to your listing, the better! Use any combination of signs you want. Potential buyers might miss the one sign sitting in the yard, but it would be pretty hard to miss a feather flag, an A Frame unit, arrow open house signs and a Round Rod unit!

Agents can even create customized Riders for Angle Iron Units. Do you bake cookies for your open houses? Get a custom Rider that says “Fresh Cookies Inside.” Be as creative as you want to get as many people over the threshold.