10 Awesome Real Estate Sign Features

By:  - Marketing Communications Coordinator

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Not all signs are created equal. The quality and durability of Lowen signs are what makes us a leader in the industry.


1. Powder Coating

Steel fames and panels are powder coated to prevent rust and provide a glossy finish.

Powder Coating

2. Clear Coating

This UV ray blocking coating prevents fading and improves scratch resistance.

Clear Coating

3. Gussets

These triangular reinforcements are welded to the frame under the foot push and gives the frame extra strength.


4. Strike Tabs

These tabs are located at the top of the frame and allow for easy installation, especially in hard ground.

Strike Tab

5. Hole Patterns

Hole patterns are not compatible from company to company. We suggest buying frames and panels from the same place for a perfect fit every time.

Hole Patterns

6. Angled Feet

The sharp edges are rounded for safety, but the angled feet allow for easy installation in hard terrain.

angled feet

7. Reflective panels

Reflective panels are a great option to get your signs noticed any time of day and even in inclement weather.


8. Frame Color Options

Most frames have a color choice of black or white. Some companies offer other options. We suggest checking with your affiliate to ensure brand standards are met!

Frame Color

9. Rider Clips

Simple spring clips welded onto the back of the frame for easy Rider installation.


10. Rounded Corners

This is a simple finishing touch that gives the signs a professional look. It is also a safety feature that helps prevent cuts.


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