Common Sign Problems: Avoiding Blowout

By:  - Marketing Communications Coordinator

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“Sign Blowout” occurs when, for one reason or another, your sign panel literally blows out of your frame. This is most often caused by strong winds and pairing  the wrong sign material with Slip In frames.  If you’re not familiar with Slip In frames, they are a hardware free option that uses several notches to hold the panel into place.  Below are a few materials that we don’t recommend using with slip in frames:

~Steel is a great, long lasting sign panel option, however, it can flex, causing it to blow out of the frame when windy.     

~Poly (plastic) is another great material choice, but it tends to expand and contract with extreme weather, causing flexing and bowing.

~Compressed wood panels are a popular, low cost option, but when exposed to moisture, they will warp and swell.  With only a 12 month life cycle, the panels must be replaced often and the swelling makes it extremely difficult to remove from the slip in frame. 

~Thin corrugated plastic. This material is lightweight and can bow easily. With high winds, it is a prime candidate for “blowout”. 


Many companies will try and sell you on the convenience of “Slip In” frames. However, after many years in the industry, we have found that the main sign panels are rarely changed out or removed from the frame.  Most brokers/agents only change out the riders.  Choosing a bolt in frame with slip in rider options allows your main sign panel to remain secure, without the threat of blowout.  It also allows the riders to be quickly and easily changed.


Bolt In frames:

~Any sign panel material can be used in a bolt in frame.

~No “blowout” of main sign panels.

~Riders can be easily changed.


*Lowen offers the option of fully assembled units. This is a no hassle solution that saves you time.*


Slip In frames:

If you're comfortable using Slip In frames, we suggest the following:

~Avoid using Steel, Poly, Compressed Wood, or Corrugated Plastic material for panels.

~Use sign panel materials that are rigid, with little flex.  A couple examples would be Aluminum Composite, or a thicker aluminum, such as .063.


Quick Tips:

~Always buy panels and frames from the same company so the hole patterns match up.

~Make sure your panels are the right size for the frame. Panels should fit snug with no wiggle room.

~Buy fully assembled units to save time and avoid hassle.

~Easily update your listing with custom Riders or Sign Sleeves.


The experts at Lowen Sign are proud to offer sturdy, durable and low maintenance frames and units. We stand behind our products and would love to talk to you about what puts our signs above the competition. Call (800) 545.5505 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.