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Feather Flags from Lowen Sign Company

Promote your business or event with these nylon feather flags. Our feather flags, or commonly referred to as "sail flags," "bow flags" or "banner flags" are 9-foot tall, 25-inches wide, and rotate freely on an easy-to-install anchor. Order online today from one of our stock-and-ready to go images, or call 800-545-5505 to customize your own feather flag.

Category: Feather Flag
Lowen Sign Company is your supplier for custom feather flags, also known as sail flags, banner flags and teardrop flags. Send in your custom art work or allow one of our designers to help you create the message you are looking for. You can also choose from our large variety of message feather flags that include open house, model home, auction and more.

Why Feather Flags?
At 9' tall and visible to traffic going in either direction, Lowen Sign Company feather flags:

  • Promote and advertise your business
  • Announce special events such as an Open House or Grand Opening
  • Be customized as to design, copy, and colors
  • Attract attention due to their height and motion
  • Be purchased as a unit or parts depending on need
  • Distinguish your business from other forms of advertising

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