Four Techniques To Get Potential Buyers To Your Open House

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Are you looking for Techniques To Get Potential Buyers To Your Open House? If so, here are the four techniques that you can use to get more traffic at your next open house, presented by Lowen Sign Company!




#1 Digital Marketing Strategies


When it comes to digital marketing strategies, you have a plethora of tools at your disposal. But which ones are best for driving traffic to your open house? Social media such as Instagram and Facebook will be your best bet in generating interest for your next open house, provided you adhere to some basic principles. Here’s a tip: when preparing for an upcoming open house, you should create a sneak peek video that is around 30 seconds in duration. 

Remember, you want to create an engaging video in such a way that will spark the viewers’ interest and lead them to want to attend the open house and see the property for themselves. In other words, the video needs to leave them wanting more. 

If there is a feature in the house that is unique or enticing, give a very short preview of that. Then, tell them to come out if they want to see more. Once the video is created, boost the post in the 5-10 mile radius generating interest and driving people to the open house. 


#2 Mistakes Realtors Make When Promoting An Open House


Most realtors make at least one out of three mistakes when promoting an open house on social media. 


1- The first mistake is that they either only take photos of the property and post them or they record the entire property. We suggest short video content for maximum social media engagement. Remember these two important points:  

#1 People on social media are much more likely to stop and view a video than view photos.

#2 The average human attention span is 8 seconds!


2- The second mistake is not using mystery in the ads; don’t let them get closure until they come to the open house! You have to dangle the proverbial carrot in order to get interested folks to stop in and see for themselves. Briefly highlight some of the best features of the property, but don’t show an abundance of details. By creating an air of mystery, you spark interest and increase the odds that people will attend the open house and see for themselves in person all that the property has to offer. 


3- The third mistake is not boosting the posts in the local area. Without boosting the post, no one will see it. Set a budget of around $40 and boost the post in the local area! 

When using Facebook and Instagram to promote an open house, it is all about creating a sense of mystery and getting in front of the right people. 


#3 Open House Real Estate Signs


How many open house signs should you use when promoting an open house? The short answer is as many as possible! Your open house signs should be directing people to your open house from the major highways and roads around the listing. 

We had Tom Ferry speak to us at Lowen Sign Company, and here is a summary of what he had to say about the best strategy for open house signs. “Client A had a couple of people show up to their open house, and they might have put out three signs. Client B took the time to put out 25-30 open house signs and directionals. 

That means I am on the freeway, I get off, and there is an open house sign. It tells me to turn right; on the major street, it tells me to turn left. Oh, and by the way, the open house sign is on both sides of the freeway leading all the traffic right to the open house, with 30 different open house signs. So how many people did they have at their open house? 37.”

He continued, “I want to lead you into me. So you don't do one YouTube video and expect to have great results. You do hundreds of videos. And in the case of signs for open houses, it is the same exact strategy.” 

“Now, for some markets, like La Jolla, California, you are only allowed to have one open house sign, and if that is your situation, that is your situation. But if you are not, 30 open house signs is the optimal number.”

The Best Strategy for Open House Signs | Talking With @Tom Ferry


#4 Don’t Forget The Neighbors!


Go around the neighborhood and deliver fliers to the neighbors a few days before the open house. Knock and walk the neighborhood, drop off your invitations, and mention that the owners would love it if you dropped by their open house! Let them know that all of their family is invited, and food and beverages will be available. The more, the merrier! 

Another benefit of this method is that you get to meet and engage with the neighbors. They will get to know you and might have some questions about what their house might be worth. Put social proof to work! It is very important to take advantage of all the benefits of having a real estate listing!

Those are Four Techniques To Get Potential Buyers To Your Open House! For quality real estate and open house signs, turn to Lowen Sign Company. Since 1950, we have been making quality real estate signs that you can trust, at great prices. Give us a call at 1-800-545-5505 or visit our website to learn more about our great signs and how they can become a valuable tool in your real estate business. Ordering is easy and we have the fastest turnaround time in the business. Get in touch with us today!