How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Real Estate Signs

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In our current digital age, industries are shifting more and more to computerized processes. There are some industries, such as real estate, that still rely on some old-fashioned methods of marketing. 


Successful real estate agents run their businesses using a combination of modern digital tools, such as social media for marketing and software to streamline, along with good old-fashioned real estate signs. 


Not all real estate signs are created equal, though. They need to be effective and serve their intended purpose. Read on for information on How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Real Estate Signs, presented by Lowen Sign Company, a leading manufacturer of professional signage for the real estate and home building markets in the U.S.




Use More Real Estate Signs

The number of signs you display for any given property makes a difference. When it comes to how many signs to use, more is definitely more, given the right circumstances. If a home you have listed sits on property that is visible from several streets, such as a corner lot, or has an expansive yard, it makes sense that multiple signs could be beneficial. 


Posting a sign that faces each street that is adjacent to the property will help to ensure the marketing information is seen by those driving or walking by. 


Additionally, posting signs near the neighborhood entrance or on busier streets nearby can be beneficial, especially if the home you are selling is on a street that typically gets very little traffic. 


Directional signs are especially helpful in pointing passersby to the property you want to showcase. Before you post, make sure that you are knowledgeable about and adhere to HOA and neighborhood rules about signage.  




Put a Call To Action on Your Real Estate Sign

The purpose of real estate signs is to bring people to your open house or to persuade them to contact you for more information about the property. Why not make a point of incorporating a call to action on your signs? 


Realtors use calls to action, to drive more visitors to their open houses, increase their traffic, and ultimately sell more homes. A call to action can also create a sense of urgency to help potential buyers act quickly. 


For example, a sign that says "Don't Delay, Call Today!" and clearly lists the agent's contact information, sends the message that time is of the essence and that the property is in demand; they might miss out on this high demand real estate if they don't take note of the contact information and call right away!


Riders are a great way to include a call to action on your signs. The example above could fit perfectly onto a rider that can slide into the top of a sign. 


Riders are also perfect for adding information about a home that doesn't apply to all of the properties you are selling. 


For example, if the home you're selling has a pool, using a rider that says 'pool' with the for sale sign is a perfect way to make sure anyone who sees the sign also knows the property comes with the added feature.


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Don't Overcrowd Your Real Estate Sign

Keep it simple! The best real estate signs use simplicity to be effective;  too much information crammed onto one sign can make it look cluttered and confusing. Remember, your goal is to catch a buyer’s eye. 


You want to give enough information for the potential buyer to be able to take the next step, whether it is to attend your open house, or contact you for more information. Don’t overdo it with crowded text and images. 


Remember too, that if your sign is meant to attract people driving by, having too much information won't work since there is a limited amount of time the driver has to read what is on the sign.


Fonts Really Matter on Your Real Estate Sign

In an effort to spread things out, don't mistakenly use a font that is too small. Remember that the information you are presenting has to be readable.


Likewise, choose fonts that are easy to read. Many real estate companies have already made the decision for you and only allow fonts that are approved for their agents' signage, but if you are unaffiliated or work for a broker that allows flexibility when it comes to that, make sure you choose fonts that are easy to read. 


Lowen Sign Company recommends staying away from serif or script fonts. Go with sans serif fonts that are simple and clear.


Check out our previous blog on Essential Elements of a Great Real Estate Sign for more information on what makes a great real estate sign! 




Consider The Surroundings Of The Real Estate Sign

When posting real estate signs, make sure you take into consideration the surroundings. If your sign will be posted in a big yard, with lush green grass, then you probably don't want to choose similar background colors for your sign. 


A white background or another very light color background for your sign would work well, as the white would create an eye-catching contrast against the green grass. Contrasting colors are eye-catching so make sure that you choose the pre-approved color combinations that work best against the background where they will be displayed.  


You certainly don't want your signs blending in with the landscape. Your signs are visual tools, so camouflage is not the goal want them to stand out!


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A Solid Foundation For Your Real Estate Sign

Quality sign posts and frames are important in real estate signs being effective. Why? First, you want your signs to look professional. It’s important that they don’t look cheap and shabby; a quality sign made of the best materials conveys the message that a serious professional is representing the sellers of the home. 


Just as you wouldn't advertise a home's flaws and feature any less-than-quality aspects of it, you don't want to place a for sale sign in your client's yard that looks cheap and unprofessional and detracts from the aesthetics and curb appeal that your clients have worked hard to achieve.   


Second, quality sign posts and frames last a long time, whereas cheaper ones tend to break down more quickly over time and after being exposed to sun and rain. When signs break down, they are hard to see, if seen at all. In order to get the best return on investment of your signs budget, using quality signs made of the best materials is your best bet!




Choose Lowen Sign Company For Your Real Estate Signs

Lowen Sign Company understands what components and design elements are essential for effective real estate signs. 


We are the leading manufacturer of professional signage for the real estate and home building markets in the U.S., supplying all major real estate franchise brokerages, thousands of independent real estate companies, home improvement companies, and home builders. 


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