6 Steps To Generate Leads From Your Real Estate Signs

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Whether you're a rookie or a veteran real estate agent, you may be wondering how you can improve your real estate yard sign game and stand out from the crowd of other signage that's out there. Afterall, the right marketing strategy and tools could make all the difference in whether or not you attract potential buyers to your listings; whether you close sales quickly and efficiently, or have your listings languishing in 'the for sale zone' for eons.


Your real estate signs are essentially a business card that introduces you, your brand, and your listing information to the world. Thoughtful design, creative use of sign options, and strategic planning can elevate your listings head and shoulders above the pack.

This article, by Lowen Sign Company, takes a closer look at six ideas for real estate signs that will help generate leads and help you to stand out from your competitors.

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#1 Unique Shapes

It’s not just about what you write on your signs but how you choose to shape them. Shapes are important for real estate signs because they tend to stand out and capture attention from those driving by. Creativity is key here! Using different shaped real estate signs such as feather flags will capture attention since they are not the norm when it comes to real estate signage. Additionally the movement of feather flags that flow in even slight wind, helps to catch the eye.  When thinking of shapes don’t limit yourself to a rectangle or square – there are plenty of options available to help differentiate your real estate sign from others.



#2 Light 'Em Up

Making sure your signs are visible at night basically doubles the amount of work your signs are doing for you. This greatly increases the number of people who will see your signs and therefore lead to more potential sales. Choosing reflective powder coated steel signs not only gets your sign's message across 24 hours a day, but the powder coating also prevents rust and comes with a 3 year limited warranty against printed ink peeling and fading. For more information about reflective powder coated steel signs, visit our website.


Another option for keeping your signs visible at night is to add Solar Lights to your non-reflective signs. Solar lights are an affordable and environmentally friendly way to light up real estate signs in those darker neighborhoods and streets where you can’t rely on other light sources to help illuminate your information. You can buy them right here on our website! The sun charges up the light during the day and at dusk, your spotlight automatically illuminates, casting light on your sign so it can keep on showing the world about your listing and your services, even after dark.



#3 Emphasize Your Brand

On all your signs, make sure the emphasis is on you, your brand, and how to get in touch with you. Of course the purpose for having that sign in that yard is to showcase that home, but the reality is, you simply cannot fit all of the home's features on the sign. What needs to be very clear to anyone who sees it, is your information. A professional headshot is a way to make your signs more memorable than your competitors', but make sure that your photo is professional and a quality picture. An amateur picture that looks like it was taken on a cell phone won't do. With or without a picture, make sure your name and contact information are very prominent. Choose easy to read fonts and make sure the font size is big enough to be seen from the road.



#4 Color Block Design

Give your signs a clean and modern look by choosing a color block design: it’s easy to read and keeps information organized. With color blocking, you can have information grouped within the different sections of vibrant hues, which organizes the information for the reader. Your individual realtor information can be in one block. Your brokerage information in another. Contact information for reaching you directly in another. Bold and contrasting colors work best to clearly show the viewer where your sections start and finish. The person passing by will be able to easily ascertain where their eyes should go if they want to know how to reach you by phone or online. Nothing grabs the attention like a good pop of color. Bold and vivid colors will catch the eye of passersby and then you add the WOW! factor with your amazing realtor skills!



#5 Directional Signs

As all good realtors know the top three qualities in the best properties are:


        1. Location.

        2. Location.

        3. Location.


So it goes without saying that when it comes to marketing your listings you need location-specific strategies! Don't forget that when you're designing your signs, you must also craft the plan for their placement. Not every home you list for sale will be on heavily trafficked streets. Directional signs are very helpful for houses that are a little off the beaten path and for directing potential buyers to your open houses. Make sure you are familiar with the neighborhood's rules for signage, as some HOA's only allow additional signs on the actual day of the open house. However, if the neighborhood rules will allow more signs, then take advantage of it, by all means!



#6 Go Big Or Go Home

The bigger the sign, the easier it is to read. If your sign is easier to read, more people will read it. More people reading your signs means more leads for you. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! Choose large real estate signs with high-impact graphics that are easy to read and make an immediate statement about your brand or services. Now, that doesn't mean that you should go purchase a gigantic highway billboard and post it right in front of your listing. Make sure the signs you use are as large as you can get without looking disproportionate and out of place on the property where you're posting them. Remember that someone driving by only has a few seconds to glance at the sign so you want them to be able to get enough information to be able to find you online, or enough of an impression to make the effort to proactively get more information from the sign, whether it is stopping and taking down your information, or coming back later.



The Bottom Line

When it comes to marketing your listings, open houses, and your brand, it's important to design effective, eye-catching real estate signs that will help generate leads. You want your signs to be marketing tools that work for you and help you grow your business. The great news is that real estate signs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can create signs that really help convey to the world the messages that you want to get out there. Choose high-quality and durable signs from Lowen Sign Company to ensure that your signs really stand out.


Lowen Sign is the nation's largest manufacturer of real estate signs. We offer countless options so you can design the perfect signs for your growing business. Give us a call at 800-545-5505 or visit our website for more information and our quick, simple online ordering system. Our passion is creating high quality real estate signs that exceed our customer's expectations. We invite you to experience the Lowen difference and together we'll take your real estate marketing to the next level!