4 Ways Feather Flags Can Help Your Real Estate Business Grow!

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Marketing is a way of life for a real estate agent. You not only have to market yourself but also the different residential and commercial properties you are selling or leasing. Signs are (or should be!) an essential part of your marketing tactics, but with so many different options, it can be hard to know what to use and where to put them. 

There are banners, yard signs, door hangers, feather flags… and many more options! Of course, all of these choices have their benefits, but if you’re looking for something that’s both portable and eye-catching, feather flags, also called 'sail flags', 'bow flags', or 'banner flags', are an excellent choice. Here are four compelling reasons why real estate agents can benefit by adding feather flags to their arsenal of marketing tools, presented by Lowen Sign Company.


#1 Quick & Easy

When you’re looking to advertise a new listing, open house, or special event, feather flags are great because of their portability and easy set up. Setting up your feather flags is simple and only takes a few seconds to set up and come equipped with stands for both indoor and outdoor use.  

Their lightness makes these flags highly portable and easy to take with you when you move to your next location—it’s as simple as folding them down and driving away. Since they don’t require anything more than a few seconds of setup, they’re great not only for real estate agents but also contractors or anyone else in need of an easy to use advertisement.


#2 Attention Grabbers

The last thing you want is to post your real estate signs, only to have them sit there, in front of the house you are selling, unnoticed. They need to catch the eye of passersby, and some sort of visual catalyst needs to drive that. In some cases, the signage may contain bright and highly-contrasting colors that make people look. 

Perhaps the movement of blowing balloons attached to a real estate sign does the trick. Some signs are simply too small for the property they're posted on to make a visual impact. Feather flags can combine all of these elements and are a great solution when real estate agents need vivid colors, movement and size to catch the eye of anyone who passes by!  

Lowen Sign Company offers a wide selection of feather flags with many height options, ranging from 7 to 17 feet!  If you want your real estate event sign to be seen from far away, these are the signs for you!


#3 Good Value

Feather flags are a great value, especially when purchased through Lowen Sign Company. We have been in the sign business since 1950 and have built a reputation for dependability, quality of the highest standard, and superior value. More than seven decades of research and development has resulted in our innovative product features the competition lacks, which make our signs the best value in the industry.


#4 Indoor & Outdoor

Feather flags are a great option, not just for advertising outside but for inside as well! As mentioned previously, their easy set up and portability make feather flags a convenient way for busy agents and builders to advertise. 


With feather flags, you can easily shift between outdoor and indoor use, to increase your brand exposure at events. Feather flags made with high quality materials such as nylon, are fade and weather resistant so colors stay vibrant longer and the material stays intact.


Order Your Feather Flags From Lowen Sign Company

When you're ready to set yourself apart from other real estate agents in your area, visit Lowen Sign Company and take a look at our beautiful and durable feather flags. You can choose from ready to go images or customize your own design to fit your marketing tactics. Lowen Sign also has a vast array of sizes and shape options, to take your advertising to the next level! 

Lowen Sign Company is the leading manufacturer of real estate signs in the nation! We ship Factory Direct to all of our customers from our manufacturing facility in Hutchinson, Kansas with as little as a 3-day turnaround time. Online ordering is easy or you can give us a call at 800-545-5505 for additional assistance. Our experienced service team is always happy to help!