Light Up Your Real Estate Signs With Reflective Panels & Solar Lights From Lowen Sign Company!

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Light Up Your Real Estate Signs With Reflective Panels & Solar Lights From Lowen Sign Company!


As a realtor, you know that real estate is a highly-competitive industry and growing your business isn't easy. Success requires lots of hard work, long hours, and persistence. You need marketing tools that work as hard as you do. That's why Lowen Sign Company offers real estate sign products and accessories that can go the extra mile to get your message out, day and night! With our reflective sign panels and solar sign lights, you can be sure that your real estate signs are working overtime! Learn more about our cost-effective additions and how they can help your business grow.


Make The Most Of Your Marketing Budget


Excuse us for stating the obvious, but when you post your real estate sign at your property listing, your goal is for it to be seen. The more people that see the sign, the more likely and more quickly the property will sell. So, if your real estate signs can only be seen in the daylight, it stands to reason that you're missing out on quite a bit of potential interest in your listing. Why not post signs that can be seen 24 hours a day? When you can double the time that your real estate signs can be viewed, you're stretching your marketing budget and adding major value to your real estate sign investment! This seems like a no-brainer, but the reality is that many real estate signs out there are only visible in the daylight hours. 


At Lowen Sign Company, we offer reflective sign panels that can be seen in daylight and at night, reflecting beautifully from street lights, landscaping lights, and vehicle lights passing by. For areas with low-lighting, we offer solar sign lights that fit any of our sign frames or posts, and automatically illuminate your signs at night, making them visible 'round the clock. 

































Reflective Powder Coated Steel Panels


When you order our reflective panels, we make them with reflective powder coated steel, so your message is seen 24 hours a day. Our industrial vinyl has the highest reflectivity in the industry! Plus the powder coating on our rugged steel panels prevents rusting and comes with a 3 year limited warranty against printed ink peeling and fading. Our durable steel sign panels are the most recommended sign panels we offer and tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can rely on these great features when you order our reflective sign panels:


- Durability

- Great for Coastal Weather

- Great in Rain

- Coated for UV Protection 

- Great in Low Light























Solar Sign Lights


What happens when your real estate sign is posted in an area that doesn't get much, if any, light at night? Lowen Sign has the solution - solar-powered sign lights! As an additional light source for our reflective panels, or for low-light areas, our easy-to-install solar sign lights are absolutely illuminating! These lights are completely automatic and will fit on any of our frames or posts. When the sun goes down, this solar powered light will automatically activate and the LED lights will stay lit for hours. In the morning, the daylight sensor will automatically shut the light off and the sun will recharge the lithium-ion battery for the next evening. How easy is that? 


Our solar-powered sign lights are 12-inches long, 1-inch tall, and 1.25-inches wide and come in packs of two. Each light comes with 3M Command Outdoor Strips and attaching them to our frames and posts is a breeze. Just peel and stick, and Voila! You've got a real estate sign that will work for you 24/7!


Ordering Is Easy


Ordering is simple through Lowen Sign Company's website.  Our catalog and online ordering system is super easy to navigate, whether you're with an independent agency or affiliated with a major brokerage, we supply thousands of independent real estate companies, all major real estate franchise brokerages, home improvement companies, and home builders. 


Once you've found the catalog associated with your agency, to order our reflective sign panels, choose your panel size, style, and 'Reflective' feature. Our solar sign lights are in the 'Accessories' products tab, within each catalog. You pick the quantity of 2-packs you want to order. 


If you prefer, you can always call our customer service folks at 1-800-545-5505. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are always happy to answer questions and help you with your sign orders!














































Quality & Value With Lowen Sign Company


Here at Lowen Sign Company, we take pride in our work, always striving to provide high-quality signs with value-added features. Our unmatched attention to detail is what makes us the industry leader in real estate signage. We've been manufacturing signs from our Hutchinson, Kansas headquarters since 1950, so we understand what real estate agents need from their signs. It's important to get the most bang for your bucks in marketing your real estate business. With our innovative products and features, like reflective panels and solar lights, you can count on Lowen Sign Company for real estate signs that work as hard as you do!