Tips For Real Estate Sign Placement

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Real estate sign placement can make or break the marketing campaigns for your property listings. Careful, thought out placement of your signage can help you get the most out of your marketing budget, so it’s important to use the best approach possible. Whether you’re a veteran agent or just starting out, here is some helpful information that you need to know when it comes to the placement of your real estate signs and why it's so important.

Maximize The Views

What location is best for your real estate sign placement? The simplest answer is: Where it will get the most views. Pretty obvious right? However, the optimal location is different for every single property. Each  listing has unique landscaping, street and walking traffic, property details, yard-size....the list could go on and on. There are so many variations from one property to the next; making the most of the sign placement is part of the realtor's job. 

Typically the lawn is the best location for your 'For Sale' sign. Whenever possible, it should be posted closer to the street and/or sidewalk so it attracts the attention of passersby. Finding the location with optimal visibility can be tricky though, and requires a little time and thought. Take the time to drive by from all possible directions and make note of anything that might hinder the views from any certain angle. For example, a For Sale sign in the yard might be highly visible when driving past the house in one direction, but not visible when approaching it from the opposite direction. You never know unless you look at it from the different vantage points. Things like the neighbors' landscaping or a large tree could block your sign from the road. Choose locations for your signs that are visible from all directions of vehicle and foot traffic.

Choices, Choices!

Since the choices can seem endless when designing signs, here are some practical design guidelines to keep in mind:


Font - Since some people don't actively look for a real estate sign, it should have a simple, but informative design. Choose a font that is easy to read, even from far away. Speaking generally, your signs should be readable from approximately 30 feet away, or the length of two cars. Forgive us for stating the obvious, but if your signs contain arrows, make sure they are pointing in the right direction! 

Call To Action - Don’t forget to include a Call To Action, which can easily be done with riders. Riders are a great addition on top of open house and for sale signs. A great idea for this might be to put a call to action such as 'Come on by!' or 'Call me at _____!'  With riders, you can add your personal touch or add more property information to your signs.  

Feather Flags - Feather flags can be very effective and ensure visibility, since they are much taller than normal signs. In situations where barriers such as landscaping or parked cars could make your signs not visible to traffic, these larger signs can overcome the obstacles in the way.


Open House Signs

On the day of your open house, it is a good idea to post multiple signs in locations near to the property, which guide people to the event. A good rule of thumb is within half a mile, post easily seen signs along all routes leading to the property if possible. Make sure you are familiar with the routes that are most often traveled so you can be sure to concentrate your signage on those routes, giving clear guidance to your open house.

Before the open house, get to know the neighborhood. Where are people coming from? Are you marketing to a specific audience? Does this neighborhood have a lot of foot traffic? It is often a good idea to place the signs at busy intersections before taking different routes to the property address by car and on foot to determine whether these sign locations are eye-catching. Try different angles to make sure you're getting the best possible viewing angle from the driver's perspective at an intersection. If a sign is angled to receive harsh sunlight causing it to glare, adjust the angle so it is not difficult for drivers to see.

Follow The Rules

It's important to follow the rules of the cities and neighborhoods where your listings are located. Make sure that you are familiar with the city ordinances and homeowner's association rules pertaining to real estate signage. Having signs removed by the local authorities or being fined for improper placement often costs hundreds of dollars and make you look unprofessional to clients who rely on your expertise to sell their properties. Before you start posting your signs, check the local rules and plan your sign placement accordingly. Additionally, don't forget to ask for permission from neighbors if your open house signs will be on their property.

Prepare Your Sign Inventory

When it comes to marketing your property listings, you want to make sure you're not short-handed, especially when it comes to open house events. Typically, the more signs you can post, the more exposure your listing will get. After all, the point is to create the most possible interest, in order to sell the property as quickly as you can.

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