Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Real Estate Signs Looking Great

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Real estate signs are an important part of a realtor's business. The initial impression a customer forms about your brand often begins long before the first face-to-face contact. Attractive, high-quality signs can convey the qualities that you want customers to see in you - professional, prompt, concerned, attentive to details, sincere, capable, and customer-oriented. Faded, chipped, dilapidated, shabby signs will create a poor first impression, no matter how hard-working or talented you are. The good news is, with some simple care and maintenance, you can extend the life of your real estate signs, keep them looking great, and protect your investment. Read on for our guide to real estate sign care and maintenance.


Strategic Placement


Realtors know it's all about location, right? This mantra doesn't just apply to real estate property. The location of your signs can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping them looking great for longer. Each listing is different, with its own unique landscaping, positioning, and dynamics that can affect your signs. It's important to put a little thought and strategy into where you post. In doing so, you can help to reduce damage and premature erosion to your signs. 


- Locate sprinkler heads and avoid placing your signs close to them. Once you choose which general location is advantageous for passersby to see clearly, adjust a bit to work around any nearby sprinkler heads so as to not be in a close, direct path with the water spray. This will not only better preserve your sign, but also keep your homeowner client from paying for water that hits the sign, not the lawn!


- Be aware of the landscaping and avoid placing your signs within reach of trees, bushes, and hedges that could scratch up your sign when the wind blows. 


- Observe the foot traffic before posting your signs - Does the yard get a lot of walkers passing by? Does this include a lot of children walking on sidewalks? Are there many people walking their dogs that will pass by? Strategize about dynamics like these so that your sign doesn't become a piece of children's playground equipment or the neighborhood dogs' favorite restroom spot. Place your signs in the most visible spot that also is removed from the walkers' path.


Regular Check Ups


Once your signs are posted, don't forget about them. To keep them looking their best, it's important to check on your signs regularly. This is especially true and might warrant more frequent check ups in the following situations:


- Your signs are in areas that get heavy vehicle traffic and could be subject to mud splatter, street debris such as rocks, pebbles, and dirt from cars, or snow and ice sludge from vehicles driving by.


- Your signs are in areas adjacent to dirt roads.


- The homes' lawns are maintained regularly by landscaping companies or the homeowners. Lawn care equipment and flying yard debris can cause damage to your signs. 




Occasional cleaning will help keep your signs looking their best, but it's important to clean carefully so that you don't cause damage to your signs in the process. Here are some DO's and DON'Ts when it comes to real estate sign cleaning:



- Clean signs regularly, especially after harsh weather, such as ice storms, snow, heavy winds that could blow street debris.

- Turn off any electricity and lights such as LED lights. 

- Clean easy to reach surfaces by hand, using water and a mild liquid detergent, using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.

- Rinse thoroughly.

- Wipe dry with a non-abrasive towel or lint-free cloth.

- If using a hose, make sure to stand at least one foot away from the sign and use a soft nozzle setting.



- Use a power washer or a hard hose nozzle setting.

- Use harsh chemicals.

- Use metal cleaning tools, scrapers, or brushes. 

- Use abrasive cloths, paper towels, or newspaper to clean or dry your signs, as these can cause scratching.


Choose Quality


When it comes to your real estate signs, it's important to choose signs that are made from the highest quality materials. You want signs that will stand up to harsh weather, look great, and last with little maintenance. Cheap signs made from low-quality materials will get damaged, look shabby, and wear out quickly, no matter how much time and attention you give them.  


Quality really does matter, which is why here at Lowen Sign Company we use only the best materials. We are the leading manufacturer of professional signage for the real estate and home building markets in the U.S. for good reason. Check out some of our top rated products:  


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