10 Fast Facts About Lowen Yard Signs

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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  1. All our sign frames are produced in house.
    Angle iron frames are made of ribbed angle iron steel with precise, robotic-welded joints for durability.

  2. Our Classic Sign Frame, the rod iron sign, was perfected by founder Mike Lowen.
    This sign is built to be placed in the ground easily, be affordable, and withstand the elements. The powder coated rod iron looks great too!

  3. Powder coating protects sign panels and frames from rust.
    The powder coating is also what gives our yard sign units their glossy finish. Choose from a variety of colors.

  4. Our “angle iron” sign frames are ribbed angle iron steel.
    This more durable material prevents bending and bowing of the frame. Add a reinforced foot push and we’ve created a high-quality, durable frame.

  5. Rider clips are a part of all our rider unit sign frames.
    Easily switch your riders out in the secure clips or use screws for extra security.

  6. Advanced digital printing makes every detail of our sign panels pop.
    Take advantage of this technology to have agent photos and color gradients as featured design elements on your signs and riders.

  7. Custom designs are created by our expert, in-house artists.
    If you are an independent agent, we can design or recreate a logo for you. Your whole sign can be customized. Banners and feather flags are a custom option for every customer.

  8. All frames are designed with installation in mind.
    All our frames have pointed tips with smooth edges. We also include a foot push reinforced with gussets on the angled sign frames.

  9.  We have replacement parts.
    No need to replace your entire Premier Post if just the ground anchor needs replaced. We also have extra wing nuts, rider clips, eyebolts, and other hardware available for purchase.

  10. We are an approved sign supplier for every major real estate franchise in the United States.
    Ordering franchise approved signs is a simple process with Lowen Sign Company. We have you covered from the latest logo to the exact colors allowed. We know exactly what you need.

Whether you are part of a franchise or an independent agent, we deliver the perfect yard sign units for your needs. Call 800-545-5505 to talk to an expert customer service representative or visit to view all our sign products.