Use Mobile to Reach the Masses

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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We live in a world where every second counts. Our schedules are hectic and many of us struggle to find extra time. You and your potential buyer’s time is valuable. Find ways to meet them halfway.

Communicating info on listings quickly is key. Mobile phones are a lifesaver in our fast paced society. Are you available through text messaging or other online services like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp? These are good ways to connect with on-the-go Americans.

  •     90% of Americans own a cellphone
  •     64% of those phones are smartphones
  •     44% of people sleep with their phone
  •     WhatsApp has 700 million monthly users
  •     Facebook Messenger has 600 million monthly users

Many of your buyers, especially of the Millennial generation and Gen X, prefer texting or messaging over phone conversations. Short, easily digestible bits of information are key. A phone call requires 100% of your focus while texting allows for multitasking.

Allowing buyers to text you makes first contact easy. Simple questions can be answered quickly. Buyers may also use a text to set up a time when a longer phone call or face-to-face meeting can be held. Agents who are available on a variety of platforms and who reply to buyers promptly will have the advantage.

Let buyers know which platforms they can find you on. On your yard signs put TEXT before your mobile phone number to let buyers know you are available in that format. Use social media icons on your real estate signs so they know what social networks and apps they can contact with you through. If you are available where buyers already spend time, then they will find you when they get that spare moment and are ready to revisit your listing.

Lowen Sign Company can customize your real estate signs to promote your text friendly strategy. Customize sign riders or your sign panel design by visiting or calling 800-545-5505.