Anatomy of a Yard Sign

By:  - Marketing Specialist

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The typical Angle Iron Sign Frame has built in features that make it a popular choice for REALTORS® in every geographical region. Do you know what makes up a yard sign and how those features work for you? Every aspect of the yard sign is constructed specifically to benefit you and your message.

What makes this sign unit great is the frame. It is formed of ribbed, angle iron steel. This strong material can stand up in all weather conditions and will hold the sign panel and riders securely. The steel frame and sign panel are powder coated for rust resistance and a glossy appearance.

Some of the sign frame’s most significant features are:

  • Consistent, strong WELDS made by a cutting-edge robotic welder.
  • Reinforced STRIKE TABS at the top of the frame allow you to hit the protected area with a mallet to firmly plant the sign in hard ground.
  • The foot push of the frame is reinforced with triangular GUSSETS. This added strength will protect the frame from bending under pressure.
  • Simple SPRING CLIPS are welded onto the back of the frame to hold riders in place and make them easy to change.
  • The frame ends in ANGLED FEET for easy installation into a variety of terrain. Any sharp edges and corners are rounded for safety.

The sign panel is securely held by the frame and is often powder coated steel or rust free aluminum. Digital or screen printing produces a clear and long lasting message. Agents may choose to add a sign rider to easily change their message or a reflective coating for visibility 24/7.

This popular Angle Iron Sign Unit is available from Lowen Sign Company. As an approved sign vendor for most real estate franchises, we continuously update approved sign art to insure you have the most current approved design on your signs. Explore all of our professional real estate signage at or call 800-545-5505.