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Are you tired of hearing “Location, location, location” yet? As a real estate agent, your life is all about locations, among other things. But here is something to consider: Are your real estate signs right for your region and climate?

Not all real estate signs are created equal. One of the biggest factors to consider when ordering your new real estate signs is what type of material to choose.

Quality Features

All panels and frames get top quality treatment here at Lowen Sign Company. We want your signs to last and that is why we protect them from the start.

Clear coating is a protective layer that is applied to all panels after printing and helps prevent scratching as well as fading.

Powder coating is another protective layer that is applied to all frames, posts and steel panels before printing.

Material Overview

We take pride in the quality and durability of our products.

Steel- our top seller and highest quality substrate. This strong material is powder coated to prevent rust and add a glossy finish to any yard sign.

Omegabond- durable, lightweight substrate produced by bonding two aluminum sheets to a poly core.

Aluminum- durable substrate that will not rust.

Polyethylene- durable and lightweight plastic material that does not corrode.

Alumalite- aluminum composite panel with a high density, corrugated plastic core.

4MM Corrugated Plastic- lightweight material with vertical flutes for easy installation onto a wire stake.


We take pride in the products we make and work hard to ensure they can withstand the elements. Here is a quick guide to choosing the right material for your location.

Hot/Desert Region

This American Southwest is known to be hot and sunny. Summers in this region see days with temperatures well over 100 degrees. All that sun can wreak havoc real estate signs. We combat the sun by adding clear coating and powder coating. We suggest agents in this region choose durable steel, omegabond or aluminum.

Coastal Regions

This region includes both the East, West and Gulf coasts. The salty air that comes off the ocean can devastate your yard signs. Agents in this region will want to choose rust resistant omegabond, aluminum or polyethylene as they will not corrode or rust.

Midwest Region

States in this region experience all four seasons with summer heat, rain and harsh winters (sometimes all in one week!). Our products are strong and durable and can handle any type of weather. Powder coated steel is the best choice for agents in this region, although the other substrates are great options as well.

The Midwest is also known to be very windy, so choosing heavy duty materials, like steel, ensures your tent signs won’t blow down or fly away.

Mountain/Snowy Regions

These regions can see mild summers, but very wet and snowy winters. Make sure to choose a sign that can stand up, even when buried in two feet of snow! We suggest agents in this region choose durable steel, omegabond or aluminum.

Southern Region

This region is known for its humid summers and mild winters. We recommend substrates that can stand up to all that moisture including omegabond, aluminum, polyethylene or steel.

Other Options

Alumalite is a great option for large commercial signs. Corrugated plastic is a great option for directional signs or temporary signs. Reflective steel is a reflective material applied to any substrate and allows for better visibility during low light times or inclement weather.

No matter which option you choose, Lowen Sign Company stands behind our top quality products. We want to make sure you get the most out of your yard signs.

Not sure what option is best for you? Give us a call at 800.545.5505 and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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