5 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Sign Company

By:  - Marketing Communications Coordinator

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1. What is the right sign for me?

When ordering real estate signs, it is important to ask questions to gain a better understanding of the products and processes to determine the right sign for you.  There are many options out there, so at times, it may seem overwhelming.

One of the most important elements to consider is your geographical location.  Most real estate signage materials do well in all climates, however, if you work in areas along the coast, or in the desert, you will want to choose your signage wisely.  The salty coastal air and extreme heat and sun exposure can wreak havoc on your real estate signs if you’ve chosen the wrong materials. 

CLICK HERE for more information on choosing the right signage materials for your location.   

Here are a few other things to consider:

-What are you using the sign for? 

If you’re listing a luxury home, you probably don’t want to place a corrugated plastic panel and wire stake in the front lawn.  Something more elegant, like a hanging panel and post, is a great option. 

-What are your surroundings? 

Another consideration is how busy the street is. If you have a busy street with a lot of parked cars and trees, a tall feather flag would give you more visibility for your Open House.  If you have a rural listing, or a listing in an area that doesn’t have good lighting, a reflective sign would be a great option. 

Don’t be afraid to try different sign products you may have never used before!

2. How fast will I get my order?

We fully understand that when peak season hits, you need your signs in a hurry!  Make sure you’re receiving clear direction from your signage vendor on turnaround times and delivery dates.  Your yard signs play a critical role in marketing your listings, so the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not you’re going to have a sign to put in the front yard.  Ask your signage vendor if they offer expedited shipping options.  At Lowen, we offer our 3 Day Production Program and Next Day Rider Program as a standard service.     

3. How do I design my panels?

Your signs represent you and your company, so it is important to have your logo and design perfect. Agencies affiliated with larger companies, like RE/MAX, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker already have brand standards in place. Any approved sign vendor will have the correct standards already in place when you order your signs. Independent agents have more flexibility when it comes to designs.

CLICK HERE for designs tips and tricks.

If you are new to the real estate business, or rebranding, you have a few options.  You can design your brand yourself, use an outside marketing agency to help with your design or see if your sign vendor offers any design services.

*If you need help at any point with your design, Lowen Sign has a team of expert designers that can help you design eye catching panels that will make your listings stand out.  We do not charge for this service*

4. Will your hole patterns work for my signs?

Hole patterns are often overlooked, but if wrong, can cause delays and frustration.  Unfortunately, there is not a universal hole pattern that every sign manufacturer uses.  Typically, hole patterns do not match up from sign company to sign company.  It is important to ask about hole distances when ordering.  Especially if you’re changing sign manufacturers.  Checking your hole patterns is very simple.

CLICK HERE to learn how to measure hole patterns

5. How long will my signs last?

Real estate signs are an investment and you want to get as much ROI out of them as possible.  When doing your research, it is important to ask about the lifespan of all real estate signage materials.  Don’t let discounts and gimmicks fool you.  If you ask about the lifespan and compare prices, you may quickly learn that paying a couple bucks more is going to give you 2-3 years of additional use. 

     -Remember to ask about warranties**. 

     -Always ask about procedures that add to the longevity of your real estate signage. 

     - Are they using clear coating to protect from scratching and fading? 

     -Are they using grommets to protect the holes on hanging panels from tearing out? 

     -Are they powder coating their panels and frames to ensure a longer lifespan? 

Some companies do not offer these extra protections standard. Be sure to ask if they are available and if there is an additional fee.

CLICK HERE to learn more about clear coating and powder coating. 

*Not all companies take the time to add clear coating or grommets to their products or they charge extra for them. These protective layers are included with all panels and frames at Lowen Sign.*

**Lowen offers a 3 year limited warranty on steel panels.