Get Your Listing Noticed With Fresh Real Estate Sign Ideas

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Get Your Listing Noticed With Fresh Real Estate Sign Ideas

The sign in the yard at your real estate listing can play a significant part in whether or not passersby stop and dig deeper for more information, or just drive right by without a second glance. The reality is that if your real estate signs are average and run-of-the-mill, chances are, anyone within eyeshot won't take notice. It’s vital that you stand out from the competition. You've got to get innovative and creative in order to set yourself apart from the crowd.  How do you do that, you ask? You’ll need to use some fresh real estate sign ideas! Read on, as this article by Lowen Sign Company takes a look at some new ideas that you can incorporate into your real estate signage to get your listings noticed. 

Modern, Eye-Catching Design

Today's real estate sign designs are trending toward a Minimalist approach. Think 'less is more' to really embrace a modern and clean style and increase visibility for your real estate signage. 

Stylish and modern real estate signs have limited text, simple shapes, and high contrast colors. Whenever possible, use two or three vivid & highly contrasting colors. Try to keep the text on your signs minimal, prominent, and in bold, easy-to-read fonts. Their high visibility will make them advantageous during the day, and with the use of affordable LED lighting, your attractive signs can keep sending out your message at night. 

Modern signs may also incorporate a photo. Showcase a picture of one of the home's best features or a really flattering interior angle shot. For a new build, you can get people excited about the house with a rendering or floor plan, or by showing off a model. Not to mention, real estate signs with photos compel people to go in and find out more.

Dynamic QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) Codes have been around for a while, but real estate agents are increasingly utilizing these ingenious little squares in their marketing and real estate signs. Dynamic QR codes can hold a large amount of information, so there are a variety of ways to incorporate them into real estate signage. Some of these ways include the following:


- Connect customers to the agent's contact information

- Connect to social media profiles and pages

- Show an enhanced viewing or virtual tour of the house, building, or property

- Direct customers to all of the agent's property listings


Dynamic QR codes are very affordable and can be found online easily. Sites such as and offer dynamic QR codes for a low monthly fee and some sites offer free 14-day trials. Additionally, some real estate companies are starting to provide dynamic QR codes to their agents as part of their proprietary marketing tools.

Unique Sign Shapes

It’s pretty easy for anyone driving or walking by your listing to tune out the sign in the yard. The traditional square-shaped signs and panels tend to just fade into the background. Choose unique sign shapes that stand out from the competition and help bring attention to your sign. Sign shapes such as circles, diamonds, & rectangles are different enough to not blend in with the others. 

Feather flags are another uniquely shaped sign, if you're looking for something different. Feather flags add a dramatic flair to real estate signage. They are tall and can be seen from a greater distance. Their natural movement from the wind is eye-catching and the larger size gives you room for larger, bolder text. Lowen Sign Company offers a wide array of feather flags in different sizes. Visit our website for more information or to order your feather flags. 


Riders on real estate signs have been around for a while, since their functionality makes it super easy to update a listing's status or designate an upcoming Open House. Riders are so versatile that you don't have to stop there. Break out from the hum-drum pack by placing your personal touch on your signs using riders. Whether it's to highlight a special feature of the home or incorporate some humor into your signs, riders provide you with flexibility and convenience.  The sky's the limit!

Lowen Sign Company's Angle Iron With Rider Inserts frames are a great choice if you're looking for a sign frame that will allow your creative side to shine. The Angle Iron With Rider Inserts frame comes with two spaces for riders, meaning you can get creative, adding personality and flair. 

Don't Skimp On Quality

These fresh ideas for your real estate signs won't really matter if the signage and frame are flimsy and cheap. When it comes to marketing your listing, quality definitely counts. Your clients and your brand deserve quality signs that are made from attractive and sturdy materials. If you want to attract attention, having a dilapidated sign that falls over in the slightest wind is certainly not going to help. Likewise, a sign that fades in the sun, or rusts easily will be difficult to read. Your sign needs to reach out and grab attention! In order to do that the sign, frame, and hardware must be able to withstand the elements and keep looking great even in harsh weather.

When you want quality real estate signs at affordable prices, look to Lowen Sign Company. We've been in the sign business for over 70 years and are proud to be the nation's top manufacturer of real estate signs. 

We hope these fresh ideas have sparked your creative side! When you're ready to put your ideas to work, visit our website. Or, if you want to bounce your ideas off of a member of our talented customer service team, give us a call at 1-800-545-5505. Ordering from Lowen Sign Company is simple, and most orders are ready to ship in 3 days!